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Proud as established in Timor Leste and own by LOCALTimorese to involve in business with International and local companies, Government and NGO’s to provide and to keep improve in QUALITY, HONESTY and DIGNITY services to the customers. Importantly to improve the Timorese capacity building.

To become a strong Timor Leste’s private sector as it is a key to economic growth and sustainable development and also one of the powerful driver of poverty reduction as underlined in the Timor Leste Strategic Plan 2011-2030.



Diesel Distribution

MGO / MDO / HFO / HSD Diesel Distribution within Timor-Leste

A company is only as good as its people. We are happy to have a good team providing very good services for our customers.

For Questions, Quotes or further information, please contact us:
Block F7 Delta 2, Dili-Timor Leste
+670 77 23 21 00

Established in Timor Leste in 2010 and owned by Timorese to “KAER RASIK KUDA TALIN” in order to develop business services with international and local companies, Government as well as Embassies and NGO’s.

Aiming at providing QUALITY services to the customers in the best business practice manner and leveraging on financial, operational and technical support of well established Taiwanese and Singaporean companies and partners in the fuel trading and Energy infrastructure fields.

MGO / MDO / HFO / HSD Bunkering

Specialist expertise

Our fleet of bunker vessels is specially adapted to service offshore rigs, using high-pressure pumps and Dynamic Positioning Systems to transfer fuels safely and reduce refueling times. Our bunkering fleet also serves container ships, tankers and fishing vessels in the region.

Our skilled Professionals have hands-on experience in the oil and marine sectors which helps us to understand the daily challenges our clients face. With that knowledge on-hand,  we can fulfill all bunkering needs quickly and efficiently - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


We deliver fast and efficient bunkering services for oil and gas companies operating offshore from Timor-Leste, Australia and Indonesia. Onshore, we operate in the port of Dili in Timor-Leste. We also supply marine gas oil in the port of Oecussi in Timor-Leste.

Diesel Distribution within Timor-Leste

For many years already MATO Unipessoal LDA has been a reliable partner for Diesel delivery in Timor-Leste. We deliver high quality Diesel for transportation or work vehicles and generators.

Specialist expertise

Our skilled Professionals have a lot of experience in transportation of Diesel. Our clients are happy about our very reliable delivery services, helping them to run all their tasks without any interruption. As a trustworthy company many of our clients appreciate our automatic delivery service, designed to simplify their live. There is no need to monitor the tank’s level and plan next orders as we will deliver fuel at a fixed date in order to meet our clients needs on a regular basis.


We offer fast and efficient Diesel fillup services for all companies operating within Timor-Leste. We have a fleet of standard Fuel-Trucks as well as specialised 4WD Fuel-Trucks to provide our services even to the remotest areas of Timor-Leste. We can deliver to you Diesel - as much as you need, as fast as you need and where ever you need it.

Our permanent aim is to develop capacity building in Timor-Leste with Timorese nationals with the assistance of our partners and Clients.

Our first goal is the satisfaction of our customers

Land Transport and Storage Facilities

Our facilities on land include a incredible 600kl storage capacity. These Tanks can easily be reached with any kind of fuel trucks of any size and also allow direkt bunkering into any LCT. These facilities allow us to fullfill any need our clients might have - any amount – any time – and in the allways high standard our clients know from us.
Through our land transportation facilities we can provide 40kl Diesel at once. So none of our clients will ever have a lack of Diesel. We have 2 Fueltrucks with 10kl capacity that allow us to serve several smaller clients at once. This is especially practical for serving clients in remote areas where several smaller Trucks would be needed or serving clients with need for a lot of fuel at once. We have another 4 Trucks with 5kl capacity each to serve all our client's needs.

Offshore Transport Facilities

Any need for Offshore Bunkering around Timor-Leste we can cover with our LCT « Timor-Trader » . This vessle holds an good amount of 500kl Diesel. The Landing Craft Tanker does not only transport Diesel but it also has a large Cargo Space on Top of the vessle for transportation of Containers, Additional Fuel Tanks or even shipping our fuel trucks. The LCT can also easily access the tanks of our land storage facilities.